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House Pipe Business
House Pipe Business
We design gas pipework installed on the customer's premises and manage installation work to deliver gas energy from underground gas pipelines to the customer.
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Gas Pipeline Business
Making the optimal use of our high installation techniques and abilities, we take care of an extensive range of services from underground gas pipeline installation to maintenance services such as inspection, patrol and monitoring, and road pavement construction.
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Soil Modification Business
Our soil modification centers adjust the grain size of construction surplus soil and improve its strength by adding and mixing a soil improver (calcium oxide) to produce and sell modified soil.
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Installation techniques and engineering methods of Toho Gas Techno

To relax traffic restrictions necessitated by gas pipeline installation and minimize excavated soil and other waste materials, Toho Gas Techno in conjunction with Toho Gas Co., Ltd. work on the development of various ecological techniques including gas pipeline rehabilitation and trenchless installation, and deploy them nationwide. Here is introductory information about our environmentally friendly gas pipeline installation techniques and engineering methods.
Installation techniques/engineering methods
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Thinking on Individuals, Society and Future Environment

Toho Gas Techno places special importance on being in harmony with the environment. Our efforts aimed at environmental conservation and resource saving include trenchless gas pipeline installation and, if excavated, soil modification and recycling.
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